GHRCI is a global professional human resources consultanting and immigration services  provider.   GHRCI provides business services and solutions to small companies and sole proprietors that help them to grow their businesses and save operating expenses.    Our Immigration services focus on helping employers to be compliant with immigration law during the hiring and employment process, and are extended to individual case management.  Our services include:

I-9 Compliance


Avoiding Document Discrimination

Training on how to avoid citizenship and immigration based discrimination

International Tax Equalization and protection plans for employees

Expatriate management and process improvement

Immigration case management

Policy development

Merger and Acquisition

Cross Boarder Tax Solutions

How We Work

We partner with your ownership, senior management, and human resources team to build solutions for your human resources issues related to domestic and international issues. We are a valuable addition for the entrepreneur, startup, or world wide player.

For the entrepreneur and start up, we can help develop your employee policies and provide tools to help hire loyal, honest and hard working employees. We can create a process to ensure you are compliant with employment laws including Sarbanes Oxley and help to meet I-9 requirements.

For corporate and world players, we are extensions of your human resources team and senior management. Focused on people, process, and profits we provide tools to compliment your workforce management programs, and are adept at working within global centers of excellence. We help to build policy related to international employee relations, immigration, cross boarder business operations, and global mobility.

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