Case Management

GHRCI provides individualized corporate and personal case management. Working with our network of immigration attorneys, we provide comprehensive world-wide immigration services.

Our Case Management services include:
  • Coordinating between employers, attorneys, USCIS and the sponsored employee.
  • Providing monthly and quarterly solution based on information.
  • Phone conferences with employers and sponsored employees.
  • Conduct immigration interviews.
  • Advise employers and managers on immigration issues affecting hiring and retaining employees worldwide.
  • Consulting with employers and managers about travel and immigration issues affecting international assignees.
  • Completing and submitting all Visa & Immigration documents to USCIS processing centers and embassies.
  • Proactive notification of Visa approvals and requests for additional information from USCIS.
  • Provides job description, design and salary guidelines consistent with Department of Labor prevailing wages.
  • Consult with M&A team to design solutions for merger and acquisition related immigration transitions as a result of successor of interest.
  • Develop and publish your immigration policies and procedures to manage your international employees.

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